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Sheep Freeze Branding

Sheep Freeze Branding (SFB) is a patented technology, creating plainer breeches reducing the risk factors causing flystrike and promotes ease of crutching and shearing.

Sheep Freeze Branding has been in development since 2008, when it became clear to inventor Dr John Steinfort that Australia’s commitment to cease mulesing by 2010 could not be met due to a lack of an effective, affordable and scalable solution. Having dedicated his working life to the modernisation and development of welfare-considerate livestock systems, Dr Steinfort begun his own R&D into an ethical alternative using liquid nitrogen.

Based on the practice of freeze branding, widely used in the identification of cattle and bloodstock around the world, Sheep Freeze Branding assists in promoting lifetime sheep breech health, providing a transitional stepping-stone for wool growers whilst improvements in animal genetics continue to be made.

A reduced breech wrinkle score is effective in reducing fly strike risk, decreasing dag accumulation and assists in the ease of shearing and crutching.

Today, Sheep Freeze Branding has been touted as the solution Australian wool growers have been waiting for: an ethical and effective solution to the promotion of lifetime sheep breech health.


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