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About AgVet Innovations (AVI)

AgVet Innovations brings innovative animal health and welfare solutions to agriculture. We believe that all livestock enterprises should have access to animal management solutions that improve animal welfare outcomes as well as impact the bottom line. Our Sheep Freeze Branding solution is the result of over a decade of R&D. The patented technology provides an ethical and cost-effective single application solution for the promotion of sheep breech health for life.

Our experts

Dr. John Steinfort (BVSc)

Dr. John Steinfort (BVSc)

Dr. John Steinfort is an innovator and entrepreneur with 35 years experience in veterinary and agricultural leadership and research.
Stuart Blair (BAppSc)

Stuart Blair (BAppSc)

Stuart Blair is an agribusiness professional with over 20 years experience in product innovation to meet the needs of Australian farmers.

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“A game changer for our industry, it’s brilliant for management, it’s great for the animal, it’s great for us”

Neil H
Wool grower, Victoria

“I was really impressed by the lack of set-back that the lambs were enduring, once processed (SFB) they were out drinking off their mothers.”

Coby B.
Wool grower, Victoria

“As we went down our path of ceased mulesing without an additional process, we were having to use more and more checmical as a fly prevention. If you want to have a cleaner product I would suggest that this is a much better way of going that being dependent long term wise on chemical solution.”

Mark W.
Wool grower, Victoria

“The Freeze Branded sheep are easier to shear and manage than the mulesed group that I shore earlier today. On the mulesed sheep I was changing my gear after every run. I was able to get three runs before changing the gear on the Freeze Branded sheep.”

Shearer, NSW

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